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Looking for easy management of your Office 365 environment?

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Find out why the EmpowerID Office 365 Manager is the world’s most dynamic RBAC/ABAC enabled provisioning tool for your Office 365 deployment.  EmpowerID fully automates the repetitive and mundane tasks associated with management of Office 365. 

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The comprehensive solution ensures accounts in Active Directory, Office 365 and everywhere else are provisioned in a timely manner without human interaction nd without native tools like PowerShell or Active Directory Users & Computers.  This means you're getting business done more efficiently!

Learn about the top Office 365 Manager features including:

  • Automated Provisioning, Sync and License Management without DirSync
  • Dynamic Group Management in Active Directory and Office 365
  • Eliminate login hassles - Single Sign-On without ADFS
  • Multi-Factor Authentication Support
  • Mobile Device Registration
  • Password Management
  • Shopping Cart Style Self-Service
  • Access Recertification and Audit Reporting
  • Mailbox and Folder Permission Audit, Management, and Self-Service

EmpowerID FAQs

Do I still need to use ADFS or another Identity Provider?
No, EmpowerID includes a federated Identity Provider that provides Single-Sign On to Office 365.

Do I need a provisioning engine to create, delete and manage accounts in O365?EmpowerID's Office 365 Manager is a full provisioning and managed delegation engine for Office 365.

What kind of reports does EmpowerID ship with?                                             EmpowerID includes dashboards for identity administrators as well as the capability to run attestation and certification campaigns