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Access Everywhere. One Password...

EmpowerID SSO Manager enables everyone to access cloud and corporate applications using a single username and password. Federation allows users who are authenticated against one directory to access additional applications and services without re-authenticating when a trust relationship has been established.

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SSO Manager acts as an authentication gateway or broker allowing internal corporate users to login with their Active Directory accounts and then seamlessly sign into cloud applications like, Webex, or Google Apps. Business partners or customers have the same single sign-on experience for corporate applications like Microsoft SharePoint and may sign in with their corporate credentials or even their social media identities like Office 365, Google Apps, Facebook, Salesforce, Yahoo, and others. This new model eliminates multiple usernames and passwords and enables single sign-on between organizations.

Key Features:

  • Standards-based: Supports all of the standard federation protocols SAML, WS-Fed, and OAuth, OpenID Connect, RADIUS and LDAP
  • Ability to vault credentials for applications that don't support federation
  • Supports a large number of Internet and Corporate Identity Providers including: EmpowerID, Active Directory, LDAP, Facebook, Twitter,, Google, Yahoo, and others
  • Supports the Federation roles of Identity Provider and Service Provider
  • Built-in Identity Provider stores Person identities in the EmpowerID Identity Warehouse
  • Unique Login Workflow handles on-demand provisioning and linking of identities as a user logs in
  • Acts as a SharePoint Claims Provider (IdP) and Claims Augmentation Provider to enabled Role-Based and fine-grained access control
  • Fully programmable: Allows custom Federation Extensions to be created in the Workflow Studio C# development environment